Peter Meyer (aus Australien)

Forks 10 wt fork oil (For the jumps)
Seat Raised 50mm (For cornering)
Bars Renthal "Jimmy Button" bend with 20mm spacers (I am 189cm)
Tyres Front Pirelli MT18 Rear Barum Mita
Gearing Front sprocket 14 T Rear sprocket 46 T (Big wheelies)
Instruments Plastic reinforced with carbon fibre
Carburetors 30mm standard (26mm for Europe) Needle raised one notch
Exhaust Staintune stainless steel (Very loud)

TT-R 600 Site1.JPG
There are many places in Australia to ride, these photos were taken 40
minutes ride from the center of Sydney. Here you can ride for days without
seeing a road, but this is not always a good thing ;-)
I'll put some more photos on a web page and send you the URL soon.